ASAN-Sacramento (Part of Autistic Self Advocacy Network National)

ASAN Sacramento is part of ASAN National- countrywide network of chapters that focus on training self-advocacy and empowerment of autistic adults.  National organization is headed by Ari Ne'eman, first autistic man serving on National Council for Disabilities.

This chapter is a strong proponent of inclusion of all people and is steeped in a philosophy of Neurodiversity.

Neurodiversity proposes that human mind  has many different expressions and abilities; autistic individuals are not ill or "damaged" but rather show another set of possibilites that are inherent in human development.  The philosophy focuses on integration rather than cure of Autistics.


1st Monday of the Month chapter Business Meeting
Supported Life Institute
1010 Hurley Way Suite 180
Sacramento, CA 95825
Saturday Social:
2nd  Saturday
La Bou bakery and cafe
8887 Folsom BlVD, #8
Sacramento, CA 95826
President: Stacy Shaw, VP: Resmi Singh; Secretary: Ashley; Treasurer: Robert Levy
For More Information Please look at Autistic Self Advocacy Network Sacramento on or e-mail: by clicking on Stacy Shaw profile on our meet up site.