ImPACt! Issue No. 3

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Issue No. 3 November-December  2012
We are Citizens First Our Disabilities are Second!
 What's Next?

Dear Advocates, Advisors, Facilitators and Friends:
As November drew to a close, we said goodbye to political commercials that inundated our television screens for the last few months.  We are back to television viewing that does not require emotional or intellectual involvement, unless you really fall in love with one of the contestants on The Voice or Next Iron Chef.  Post Thanksgiving lull is a welcome relief as a comfortable lounger after a big Thanksgiving meal, which I hope all of you enjoyed with your friends, family and loved ones.
We have done well.  A president is elected, Prop 30 is approved. There are projections of a one billion dollar surplus in the state economy in 2013-2014 fiscal year (dare we hope?). More self-advocates registered and voted in our region than ever before! Galt People First alone had registered six new voters. We got educated, we learned propositions-Thank you League of Women Voters and Tom Hopkins! So what's next?
Can we say that our citizenship requires no more than this?
Some would say, the hard work of being a citizen is just beginning.  Who would guide our newly elected representatives but us, teach them to speak for our values and necessities?
We have some among us already who are involved in ongoing conversation with our legislators.  Rick Hodgkins, the new member of the Peer Advocacy Connection is a seasoned self-advocate from Capitol People First.  He has extensive experience in this area. He has been part of several election campaigns, notably, assembly member Richard Pan and is on first name basis with legislators such as Mariko Yamada.  
Rick has made a commitment to be the voice of that legislative advocacy experience for PAC and for this newsletter.   I am looking forward to working with Rick and all other self-advocates in our region, who want to make firm commitment to involved, active citizenship and ongoing legislative advocacy. Please keep an eye on Rick's column, here in the newsletter! 
Happy holiday season everyone and stay tuned!
Ed Plon
Peer Advocacy Connection, 
Supported Life Institute. 
In This Issue
January 26th Regional Meeting
Chapter Spotlight: South Area People First
Tom Hopkins Propositions
Calendar of Events
Our Next Regional Meeting: 
January 26th, 2013 from 10 am to 2:30 pm
Courtyard by Marriott, Cal Expo.
1782 Tribute Rd.
Sacramento, CA 95815
Theme: Focus on Health
Please register through your chapter or call Ed at 916-567-1301 or e-mail
We are in the process of identifying speakers for our Regional Meeting. Focus on Health. If you are interested in being a speaker on topics such as: Medical benefits, nutrition, goal setting, weight loss, exercise, mental health, healthy relationships, social life and stress management please contact Ed at 916-567-1301.

South Area PF 2
South Area Apple Hill
Pictures of the Month come from South Area People First trip to Apple Hill. 
Chapter Spotlight: South Area People First is located in Elk Grove but includes people from a wide area encompassing South Sacramento and Elk Grove. 
The chapter was started back in 2008 by several students of EGACT-Elk Grove Adult Community Training.  Chapter quickly moved into the local community center (Wackford) and started attracting individuals from  the wider community. 
Today South Area People First is a vital resource for people with disabilities. It provides fun, social, leadership training and advocacy opportunities for its members .  Chapter hosted a meeting with assembly-member Roger Dickinson regarding budget issues and is currently mentoring Choices Transitional Services Client Advisory Committee in Elk Grove. Chapter has been instrumental in starting Galt People First and continues to provide advice, training and assistance to that chapter. South Area People First has been named 2012 Chapter of the Year by the People First of California.

Legislative Advocacy Tips from South Area PF
Group Picture with Roger Dickinson
South Area PF hosting a community meeting with Assembly-Member Roger Dickinson.
Roger Speaking
How do you begin Legislative Advocacy?
Q. What do you do first?
South Area PF: We were concerned about possible cuts to our services.  We said, we want legislature to know, these services are important to us. We are also concerned about transportation, housing, jobs, medical services.  So we had to figure out what we needed to say and how to say it effectively.
Our advisor helped us write down our questions and comments during several chapter meetings. We felt we were prepared.
Q. What did you do after that?
SAPF:  We knew that we had representatives who are supposed to listen to us, but we did not know who they are, so figuring that out was important. We asked two of our members: Zachary and Donald to research that with the help of our advisers.  We figured out that Roger Dickinson is our representative by looking it up on the California State Assembly website: find your representative.  Just enter your address: it will tell you who are your senate and assembly representatives. Zach and Donald called Roger's office and started talking to staff about setting up a community meeting in our area so not only our questions and  concerns could be heard but also other groups could join us for the meeting. We worked out the dates and got a site for the event. It took about 6 months to get everything set up.  We also had a video crew record the event and do interviews.
Roger Speaking 1  
Q. How did it go?  
SAPF: We had a great event! We got a chance to ask all the questions and gave Roger a chance to tell us about his projects. We really had a conversation with our representative!  
  Roger and Zack
Q. Anything surprising you have learned from this experience?
SAPF: We learned that our representative really wants to know what we think!  Roger spent about an hour and a half at our community event and we really feel it was a good start for a relationship with our representative.  
We also found his staff very helpful and working hard to make our event a success. Developing good relationship with legislative staff maybe one of the most important advocacy strategies! 
We learned that legislative advocacy requires patience and attention to calendar. 
Your chances of seeing your legislator in your community are much better when legislature is in recess: September to end of December.
Talking to your local office maybe more effective than talking to legislator staff at the Capitol, they may not be set up to take constituent input.
If you are talking about a particular bill, know if it is in Assembly or Senate AB or SB and number. Be specific, It makes you much more effective: what bill you are supporting or opposing and why. So you need to do some research.
It also helps to know what your legislator cares about.  Roger cares about inclusive, sustainable communities and high speed rail.
For further resources please follow these links: History, structure and procedure of the CA state legislature

ASAN Sacramento:
1st Monday of the Month
5:30 to 7:30pm 
Supported Life Institute
2025 Hurley Way # 105 
Sacramento, CA 95825

Sunday Socials:
Temple Coffee 
1010 9th Street 
Sacramento, CA. 95814
Alta Client Advisory Committee (CAC)
2nd Tuesday of the month
2:00pm to 4:00pm
Alta California Regional Center
Brenda Smith Conference Room 
2241 Harvard Street, Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95815
January 8th
ARC-Breaking Out of the Disability Box
Group is working on Video Project so meetings are specific to the project and current members, please contact Ed to join this group.
Auburn People First:
Dec. 10th
General Meeting at Bayside Auburn Church 450 Nevada Street, Auburn Ca. 95603
Christmas Party.
Capitol People First:
Dec. 1st
Member Appreciation Dinner at Golden Corral, Watt Ave.-Members eat free.
Easter Seals Self Advocacy
Every Friday at 10 am at 1670 Sierra Ave. 601, Yuba City, CA
Galt PF:
Dec. 21st
9:30-11:30 Chapter meeting at the Horizon Church in Galt.
Nov. 16th
9:30-11:3O Abuse Training at Galt Adult Community Training
Marysville PF:
Dec. 21st:
Chapter Meeting and Bingo Fundraiser 5pm to 8pm at the Round Table Pizza-Christmas party
Nevada County PF:
Nov. 23rd-Dec.21st
Cornish Christmas Fridays from 5pm to 9pm downtown Grass Valley
Peer Advocacy Connection Meeting
January 9th
10am to 12:30pm
Supported Life Institute
2025 Hurley Way, Suite 105
Sacramento, CA 95825
Placerville PF
Meetings 4th Wed. of the month at Denny's in Placerville.
Tonya Sims: 530-417-6224
Linda: 530-626-7954


Dec 14th: Christmas Party
Sam's Appartment
South Area People First
Wackford Community Center
9014 Bruceville Road, Elk Grove Ca. 95758
Room Poppy B
Zach Miller 916-240-0890
December 8th:
10:00 Chapter at Yolo PF for Woodland Christmas Parade and BBQ
South Lake Tahoe PF
Christmas Party at Lake Tahoe Community College, Student Center-Creekside Room
One College Drive 5:30-8:30 pm. Cost $10 per person, $25 for families.




No Information at this time.



 Yolo People First: 

Dec. 8th  
10 a.m. - 3:30 pm  Woodland Christmas Parade and Bake Sale (10 - 12:30)
Party and gift exchange at Ludy's BBQ in Woodland. (12:30 - 3:30
Yuba Sutter People First
Dec. 20th:
General Meeting: 5 pm Round Table Pizza, Gray Ave. Yuba City.
Dec. 28th:
Dance,Dance! at Allyn Scott Youth Community Center, Marysville, CA 95901
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